Top Features

Unlimited Ads

Manage and display an unlimited number of ads, rotations, and placements.

Flexible Ad Types

Use any ad network, static images, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, or even shortcodes.

Powerful targeting

Target specific user groups and pages on your website to deliver the best-performing call-to-actions.

Schedule Ads

Plan your ad campaigns with start and expiry date and time.

For fast websites

Compatibility with any caching solution plus optional lazy loading keep your website fast.

Real-time Stats

See impressions and clicks in your WordPress dashboard or combine them with your Google Analytics metrics.

Shareable reports

Send reports directly via email or link to your clients and receive summarized reports to your own inbox.

AdSense and GAM integration

Import AdSense and Google Ad Manager ad units without copy & pasting any code.

A/B Testing

Rotate ads and placements to find the best performing ad units and positions.

Fight ad blindness

Use rotations and random paragraphs to increase the attention of your ads.

Secure your accounts

Click Fraud Protection and AdSense warnings help you secure your accounts from violations.

Integration made easy

Use pre-defined integrations for your favorite membership plugin or theme, or build your own using more than 100 hooks.

Advanced Ads Pro


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  • Product Version : 2.19.2
  • Product Last Updated : 05 December 2022
  • License : GPL
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