Lightweight Cookie Notice is a versatile cookie notice plugin for WordPress that focuses on customizability and loading speed.

A Lightweight Cookie Plugin

The cookie notice is generated with a single small JavaScript file that doesn’t block the page’s rendering. No additional files are loaded in the page.

Create the Perfect Style

Customize the colors, typography, and textual elements present in the cookie notice and achieve consistency with your website’s style.

Caching Plugins are Supported

Cookie plugins often have issues with caching plugin. Lightweight Cookie Notice makes use of special features provided by the caching plugins to avoid this problem.

Supports the Most Reliable Geolocation Services

You can define the countries where you want to display the cookie notice in the plugin options. With this feature, you improve the user experience in the countries where the cookie laws are not applied.

Multiple Categories

Activate or deactivate specific categories of cookies based on the selection of the user. Note that this plugin supports an unlimited number of cookie categories, and you can associate each category with a specific JavaScript script.

List of Cookies

Easily display lists of cookies in the cookie notice, in your posts, pages, or custom post types. You can add the information about each cookie in the “Cookies” menu available in the back-end.

Cookie Notice Mask

A mask optionally protects the interaction of the user with the page.

Category Acceptance

The categories of cookies selected by the user are optionally stored in the plugin database. So you can monitor the preferences of your users.

Place the Cookie Notice in Multiple Positions

The cookie notice can be positioned at the bottom of the page, in the middle of the page, or on the top of the page.

Test the Cookie Notice

Display the cookie notice only to the website administrator by enabling the “Test Mode” option. So you can take all the time necessary to configure the cookie notice without affecting your website.

WordPress Transient API

The plugin access the cookie notice data by using the WordPress Transient API. After the initial creation of the transient, no other requests are performed to your database. This feature makes this plugin suitable for high-performance or high-traffic websites.

Save the Configuration of the Cookie Notice

We have included menus to import and export XML data with the configuration of the cookie notice. Use this feature to easily replicate the layout and behavior of a cookie notice on multiple websites.

The “Delete Cookies” Button

Allow your users to delete their cookie preferences with the “Delete Cookies” button provided by Lightweight Cookie Notice.

List of Vendors

You can easily create lists of vendors with related links by adding HTML code in the cookie notice.

Shake Effect

If the users click on the page, the plugin brings attention to the cookie notice with a shake effect.

Lightweight Cookie Notice


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